Engine Carpartment:

  • here are some pictures of the engine before it was removed. The pictures later help us put everything back together with ease.

  • here you see the engine on the lift and then engine carpartments condition.

  • if you look closely you will see the rust hole and what we have cut away to replace the metal.

  • here we started welding new frame metal and sheetmetal to the body and then using fiberglass to cover the welds and overlaped sheetmetal.

  • and then some body filler to smooth out the body work.

  • next the front end was sanded and primed to get it ready for painting.

  • here you see Rafal painting the finished engine carpartment.

  • the final result.... can anybody say, looks better then original :)

  • here you see the new front suspenion painted yellow, to give it a sporty look.